Ignite the Future; Empower a Woman/Girl with a tech scholarship

In a world where technology is the heartbeat of progress, it is essential that every voice is heard and every talent is nurtured. Unfortunately, women remain underrepresented in the tech industry,but together,we can change this narrative.


Our own a scholarship campaign is when an individual or an organization who is as passionate about impact and change as we do, sponsor a group of women and girls (minimum of 10) to learn a tech skill or even give them the needed support to be digitally literate! and this sponsored scholarship is named after the SPONSOR!

How it Works!

The following are steps to owning a scholarship with TechHer4Change

  • Register to Own a Scholarship using the button below
  •  Have a one-on-one session with our representatives; here we will walk you through the cost of training one woman/girls for either of a virtual or physical class, duration of the training, key training success index etc
  •  Identify your registration requirement
  • Donate towards the training
  • Call for Applications 
  • Selection process for trainees 
  • Training 
  • Evaluation stage; we are accountable to all our sponsors, at this phase our representatives will present a detailed report to the sponsor

Join us now to make an impact on thousands of women!

Become Our Sponsor!

Write your name on our Hall of Fame today and become Our Sponsor!
To be a Sponsor, you can help a minimum of 10 women, learn a digital skill either virtually or physically at our offices or Partner offices across the Nation! 

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